MOB's Top 10 Halloumi Recipes

If we know our MOB, then we know that you are always in need of a banging halloumi recipe. Here are our top ten halloumi dishes to get you through the week.
A list of our favourite halloumi recipes. Try them all and you won't regret it.

Peri Peri Halloumi Burgers

Remake the nation’s favourite peri peri sauce with our surprisingly simple (and cheap!) halloumi burger. A match made in heaven.

Z49 A2613
This is a delicious vegetarian burger option. The mayo is everything - lather it on!

Halloumi In Blankets

Herby halloumi, flakey pastry, and the freshest tzatziki dip. A sensational veggie twist on a classic.

Halloumi in blankets
You've heard of pigs in blankets but once you've had halloumi in blankets it'll be hard to go back.

Halloumi Peanut Curry

Creamy peanut butter with salty, meaty halloumi all cooked up together in a rich curry. Packed with charred veg, this would look perfect on your dinner table.

9 K8 A0690
Quality peanut butter is key in this dish.

Halloumi Bake

Try our quick and simple baked halloumi recipe, loaded with seasonal vegetables to warm up your house. Such a quick, delicious dish.

9 K8 A0357
This one is so simple, so quick and really damn delicious.

Halloumi Breakfast Sandwich

Halloumi for breakfast? Yes please. Silky eggs with chopped chives, golden halloumi & a smokey chipotle and sweet chilli mayo. Is there really any other better start of the day?

Image from i OS
Make sure you don't overcook your eggs. They're best when silky.

Indian Halloumi Fries

Indian spices & halloumi = the flavour combination of your dreams. We have served this with a cooling mint yoghurt, to tame those punchy spices.

Z49 A4016 2
Make sure you fry your halloumi until it's nice and golden.

Halloumi Crouton Super Salad

The salad to end all salads. The halloumi croutons bring the heat - once you've tried them you'll be making them every week, guaranteed.

Z49 A7876 3
Leave the halloumi cooking until the breadcrumbs turn a deep brown.

MOB's Halloumi Fajitas

Shake up your weekly Mexican night with our halloumi fajitas. We have added smokey veg and crispy tortilla chips crumbled on top for an irresistible crunch.

9 K8 A5890
The crumbs of tortilla chips add a brilliant texture to this delicious fajita.

Crunchy Herby Halloumi Fries

Crispy, herby, honey-coated halloumi fries paired with a zesty, minty yoghurt dip. These are the perfect for an evening in front of the telly on those frosty nights.

9 K8 A7907
This is the perfect dinner party starter. It's a real crowd pleaser.

The Ultimate Halloumi, Butternut Squash & Tahini Salad

This halloumi dish is all about the combo. The halloumi. The roasted Butternut. The creamy tahini dressing. The mint. It's a salad that hits every flavour you'll want.

Z49 A2034
A griddle pan is best for the halloumi for those amazing ridge marks.

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