MOB's Best Healthy Work Lunches

In need of some lunch inspiration? We've collected our favourite fresh lunch recipes. From satay salads to frittatas, we've got your work lunches covered.
These work lunches will have you meal-prepping like a boss and feeling super healthy.

Spiced Roast Tomato Soup

Nothing can beat a classic. Warm-up your afternoon with our gingery twist on this hearty tomato soup. Prep it in advance and it'll be your work lunch for the week.

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Easy to make in bulk. Warming and light. It's the perfect work lunch.

Chicken Soba Noodle Salad

Brighten up your afternoon with our fresh Asian inspired chicken soba salad. Filled with veggies to keep you full and energised.

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The fresh flavours here are perfect for a light lunch.

Pesto Veggie Traybake

A tray bake is one of the easiest lunch options. Charred roasted vegetables, gooey mozzarella and crisp ciabatta make this a very good lunch option indeed. Whack it all in the oven, go and do some work, come back and it's ready and waiting for you. Completely fuss-free.

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Tray bakes should be a staple of your lunch plans. No meal is easier - fact.

Mushroom Miso Barley Bowl

Creamy mushrooms dressed with umami-packed miso and tahini dressing. This bowl will keep you pumped with energy for the whole day.

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This bowl is packed full of goodness to keep you going throughout the afternoon.

MOB Tricolore

It wouldn’t be a healthy lunch round-up without this classic salad of tomato, avocado and mozzarella. Our version is tossed with a zingy red wine dressing, lots of basil and chilli flakes.

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It's one of the best combinations around. Simplicity at it's finest. Give it a go MOB.

Roast Tomato and Pepper Bowl

Sweet roasted vegetables pair beautifully with a crisp fennel salad and nutty quinoa. A really well-rounded, satisfying lunch that's also very healthy.

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This salad bowl has a great variety of textures and flavours. Definitely worth a try.

Pearl Barley Super Salad

Don’t be afraid to add fruit to your salad. We have added mango for a juicy and fragrant addition to this super salad. The mango & the mint match made in heaven. A deliciously healthy and simple salad for lunch.

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The mint makes this an amazingly fresh and fragrant healthy lunch option.

Chicken Satay Salad

Marinating the chicken in coconut even for just 10 minutes before frying it up is a game changer. Serve it with a crisp salad and a glorious peanut butter dressing.

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Meal prep like a boss by marinating your chicken in coconut milk and soy sauce.

Masala Frittata With Kachumber

This fresh, spicy dish can be whipped up in half an hour and portioned up for future lunches. Give it a go MOB.

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Fresh, simple and delicious. Waste no time in the kitchen with this one.

Baba Ganoush Pasta Salad

Make fresh baba ganoush or use up leftovers to make a banging sauce for a pasta salad. Topped with the freshest garnishes.

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We all love baba ganoush. Whack it in a pasta salad to blow your mind.

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