Mob Selects: Punchy Drinks

Canned beverages don't get much better than this. Made from a mix of genuinely tasty ingredients, these tins from Punchy Drinks are the ideal refreshment.
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I’ve previously outed myself as a Punchy Drinks fanatic in my guide to the Best British Sodas but I’m honestly such a stan for this cool canned drinks brand that I couldn’t not include them as a Mob Selects product either.

It’s hard to believe that I’d ever be the sort of person that’d happily sip a cocktail from a can – let alone be the kind of person that posts a photo of themselves quaffing one on their Instagram story – but I’m not ashamed to say that Punchy Drinks’ range of punch has made me a convert. So here I am, telling you that you should also put your gin in a tin preconceptions aside and give Punchy Drinks the time of day. And that time of the day doesn’t even have to be after 5pm considering they’ve got a range of non-alcoholic as well as alcoholic drink offerings.

From their sundowner-perfect ‘Golden Hour’ (a zesty blood orange number with aromatic bitters and cardamom) to their super refreshing ‘First Dip’ (a zingy can of yuzu with notes of cucumber and rosemary), it’s hard to find fault with any of the serves they’ve conjured up and canned for your convenience. The ‘Holiday Romance’ is an especially juicy mixture of peach with fiery ginger and fragrant chai that tastes like an adult version of a Lipton peach iced tea. As someone that used to have a mild Lipton peach iced tea addiction, trust me when I tell you that that is high praise indeed.

Not only are their products rather tasty but the Punchy Drinks ethos is pretty lip-smacking, too. In, like, a good way that’s nowhere near as lame as I made that sound. The cans are all made from plastic-free packaging and a percentage of all of Punchy Drinks sales goes to charities dedicated to protecting the environment. I’m all about supporting brands that are keen to do their part, and I’m sure you feel the same way, Mob. Give Punchy Drinks a whirl the next time you want to drink something in the park that won’t make you grimace with every sip.

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