Mob Selects: Nutrilicious

These crunchy coated pumpkin seeds are highly addictive, highly delicious, and should be high up on your list of desk snacks.

I’m going to be honest here, Mob. I’m not usually a fan of food products that feel a need to all-caps shout about the fact that they’re “LOW IN SUGAR”, “HIGH IN PROTEIN”, and “HIGH IN FIBRE”. It’s just not my thing, really. Nevertheless, I can definitely see why the folks at Nutrilicious are keen to make noise about the macros of their pumpkin seeds. Mainly because they’re so moreish you’ll find it hard to believe that they’re legitimately good for you. These crunchy coated pumpkin seeds are phenomenally addictive, delivering just the right amount of salty tang to keep you reaching in the bag for more after every bite. Until that sad moment in which you greedily delve into the pack for another handful only to realise that you’ve already polished off the lot.

Naturally nut-free (because they’re not nuts, duh), pumpkin seeds are a great salted peanut alternative and each pack is pretty much the perfect size for throwing in your tote bag or having somewhere on your desk for when that mid-day slump hits. My mum’s always been a massive fan of pumpkin seeds and the very first thought that went through my mind when eating these for the first time was, “I bet Julie will love these”. Which I’m pretty sure she would.

So yes, they’re “healthy”, “nutrient dense” and have enough protein to please the gym bunnies out there, but the most important thing to me about Nutrilicious pumpkin seeds is this: they’re tasty. Available in a range of flavours from milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and white chocolate to Himalayan salty and smokey BBQ, these moreish seeds can satisfy both your sweet and salty cravings. I’m personally a fan of the more savoury version. They’ve got the added benefit that you can scatter them on top of a salad if you want to prove to everyone in your office that you’ve really got your life together.

Speaking of people who have got their lives together, one of Nutrilicious’s co-founders, Aadil Datta, is also the co-founder of the Big Hug Foundation – a registered charity that helps disadvantaged children get access to healthcare, education, food and shelter. Nutrilicious also supports that charity by donating part of their profits from each bag sold. These are a great snack that help an even greater cause. Check ‘em out, Mob.

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