Mob Selects: Bauce Brothers

This London-based hot sauce club is a surefire way to add some heat to your cooking. And then some. Like, seriously. Some of these will knock your socks off.
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The Bauce Brothers Club is a hot sauce subscription box that comes straight from the beating heart of east London. And if you, like me, love dousing everything from scrambled eggs to egg fried rice in copious amounts of hot sauce, then you should really consider hitting them up and adding yourself to their growing list of subscribers.

Not only will joining their exclusive “one for the Encona addicts” club mean that you get three mystery bottles of the UK’s finest hot sauces shipped out to you every three month to add some excitement to your mealtime, but you’ll learn more about the world of extremely hot condiments and what goes into making some of your favourites. Which I’m sure you’ll agree is an essential for any of the capsaicin ultras and scotch bonnet supporters out there.

Forgive me for the pun but founders Jess Karia and Ben Uraszewski have succeeded at creating a brand that’s as cool as it is hot. The Bauce Brothers overarching aim is to bring delicious, small-batch craft hot sauce to anyone brave enough to sign up for one of their fiery boxes.

Every vegan, all-natural hot sauce that they select has no added preservatives and always goes through a rigorous testing program – that includes blind tasting and flavour profiling – to ensure everything is up to standard before it arrives on your doorstep. Basically, they take all the stress of knowing what sauce to buy next out of the equation and make sure you’re not wasting your money on sauces that taste like nothing but pain and hurt (yes, DaBomb, I’m looking at you).

If you want to see how deep the hot sauce rabbit hole goes, I’d suggest giving Bauce Brothers your custom.

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