Chef Extraordinaire José Pizarro Cooks An Almerían Showstopper

Spanish chef José Pizarro came to cook the MOB Sopa Bullabesa de Almería.
Jose Pizarro
Jose in the studio

José Pizarro is an incredible Spanish chef. He is often described as the godfather of Spanish cooking in the UK. José grew up on a farm in central-western Spain surrounded by many different flavours. When it was time to choose a career, it was a choice between dentistry and cooking, and as you can guess he went for cooking. José now lives in London and owns 4 restaurants: José Pizarro, José, Pizzaro and The Swan Inn. All of them serve up the freshest tapas and authentic Spanish dishes

José believes that tapas and Spanish cooking should be easy - it's all in the prep! When he came to the MOB studio he made a classic dish from his cookbook ‘Andalusia’: Sopa Bullabesa de Almería. The best of the bullabesa. This is such a simple dish, with very few quality ingredients which produce an incredible flavour. Monkfish, prawns and clams all served up in a fragrant soup infused with saffron.

This showstopper is perfect for when you’re willing to splash a little cash to impress your friends. Best enjoyed with wine and a good loaf of ciabatta. Unbelievable.

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Sopa Bullabesa de Almería
José's tip

You can swap out any fish for your favourite. It’s extremely versatile. Taste as you go and adjust seasoning accordingly.

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"Simplicity, but the flavours are amazing"

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