Aprons That'll Make You Feel Like A Pro

From workwear brands like Dickie’s and Carhartt to kitchen mainstays Labour And Wait, these are the best apron brands out there.
Uskees grapefruit 9003 jap apron front 2048x2048
Uskees makes some eye-catching aprons.

Do you own an apron? If your answer to that question was “no”: brilliant, we’ve got loads of aprons here that are perfect for being your first proper, serious apron. If your answer to that question was “yes”: that’s also brilliant, because I’m pretty sure these aprons are all better than the grotty number you’re currently rocking. Having a good apron is an essential part of being a proficient cook, it’s a safety net that gives you a sense of confidence and security in the kitchen, freeing you from the fear of covering your nice clothes in your nice food.

Putting on an apron also has a real psychological impact on your cooking, too. Like Clark Kent becomes Superman when he puts on a cape, wrapping an apron around your neck can imbue you with a greater culinary proficiency and seasoning superpowers. Well, sort of. You still have to be a decent cook but I’m convinced that the food I make when I wear an apron tastes better than the stuff I make without one.

Plus, these aren’t just any old aprons, MOB. These are aprons that’ll make you look cool, the aprons that’ll protect you from hot food splatters, and the aprons that you can wear instead of a bib when you’re eating something messy. They’re basically the aprons that you won’t want to ever take off. They’re not particularly cheap but all of these will last you a lifetime.

Uskees – The #9003 Japanese Apron

Uskees 9003 red jap apron 2048x2048

Uskees is all about zero waste and made a concerted effort to use leftover fabric in the production of all of their organic cotton limited-edition items. Items which include this brilliant blood-red cotton apron. Inspired by Japanese street style, this apron features two side pockets and a sleek cross-back design that makes it both sturdy and stylish at the same time.


Labour And Wait – Bib Apron

Bib Apron

Made in England from hardwearing 100% cotton duck fabric, Labour And Wait’s sturdy bib apron is a hardened and rugged piece of engineering. This is the apron for those of you that want to be taken very seriously in the kitchen. Wear this while wielding a meat cleaver in your hand and absolutely no one will fuck with you. The next strap is adjustable, making this one size fits all, and it only gets better with age. An apron that’s worth the investment.


Dickie’s – Bib Apron

Dickies 3

Heavy-duty workwear is what Dickie’s do best and this bib apron is no different to the rest of the brand’s output. Crafted from heavyweight cotton canvas, this apron features a brass rivet button, adjustable neck loop and a tie back fastening. The large front pocket is perfect for holding onto your tweezers and whatever other useful culinary gadgets and doodahs you’ve got on hand.


Risdon & Risdon – Workroom Apron

Risdon and risdon workroom apron bbc 1800x1800

I don’t want to say that a bright yellow apron that’s personalised with your name is the best £50 you can possibly spend but – c’mon – it probably is, isn’t it? This very practical all-purpose apron from Risdon & Risdon is a real eye-catching number that’ll have everyone’s heads turning when you walk out of your kitchen with a piping hot lasagne. The perfect apron for someone that gives a damn about their social media presence.


Nicolas Vahé – Grey Linen Apron

Nic Vahe4

This apron from French brand Nicolas Vahé is designed to both protect your clothes and make you look really, really cool at the same time. Made of grey linen, this apron has plenty of spacious pockets for storing your ingredients in (pocket salt is essential) and gives off a real good vibe. If you ran into this apron at the pub you’d start telling them about your terse relationship with your parents and why Becky at work is a real pain in about 15 minutes. It’s an open and genuine apron you’ll never want to be separate from when you’re on the hobs.


Carrier Company – Long Apron


Available in orange, tan, and olive, this fetching apron from Carrier Company is a jack of all trades. Made from quality cotton drill, it’s capable of shielding you from the sloppiest of sauces and washes really easily. The fact it’s extra long means your trousers will be well protected, too, and it’s plenty wide to wrap around your body. It’s like wearing a hug.


Carhartt – Firm Duck Apron

Carhartt apron 2

Made for cooks that also dabble in hitting up the local skatepark after hours, this super durable apron will keep you covered while you get to work chopping, dicing, and sautéing. It's cut from Carhartt’s strongest cotton duck with plenty of pockets to everything from spices to chef’s knives.


EDWIN – Louie Apron

I025172 f900 louie apron rinsed

Made from organic denim (no, I didn’t know denim could be inorganic either), this Edwin Louie Apron is like the jeans of the apron world. And I’m not just saying that because it’s denim. Like jeans, this apron is suitable for every occasion and capable of standing up to a fair amount of use and abuse. It’s the perfect hard-wearing apron for the home cook that’s been known to drop a knife every now and then.


Le Creuset – Chef’s Apron

Lecres Apron

Le Creuset is one of those brands that I’m properly ride or die for and this apron is a nice addition to their vast and impressive range of top-class crockery. The chiffon pink flavour is my personal favourite but just about every one of these canvas cotton aprons will protect you from splatters. Fully machine washable, this apron also boasts deep pockets for stashing away whisks, tools, and secrets.


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