Barney Harwood's Cooks Curry For His Gran

Barney Harwood, a British TV presenter, cooks his Biryani for the MOB.
Barney in the studio
Barney in the studio

Presenting Barney Harwood: a British TV presenter who’s been on our screens since 2002. You may remember Barney Harwood from Blue Peter and CBBC shows such as the cult classic, Prank Patrol. As well as being a star on camera, he is also an amazing cook. In 2017, Barney was a contestant on Celebrity MasterChef, where he was able to put his cooking skills to the test.

Barney was taught to cook from an early age by his Grandma. His Grandma created absolute magic in the kitchen, making tasty meals for her whole family. “She was an expert at taking really simple ingredients and making them super tasty.”

When Barney came into the MOB studio, he decided to pay tribute to his grandma by cooking a dish that uses few ingredients but brings the heat. He made his very own take on Biryani; perfectly cooked chicken tossed in fragrant rice with a drizzle of raita over the top. So easy. So delicious.

Chicken Biryani
Chicken Biryani
Barney's Tip
Perfect for a dinner party - so simple yet so tasty, people will be coming back for more.
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"My grandma was an expert at taking really simple ingredients and making them super tasty"

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