Artist Mixtapes - Isaac Waddington

“Innovator” and “Fresh” suitably describe Isaac’s latest feel-good releases. But who is the guy behind those angelic guitar riffs and old-era voice?
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Isaac loves a sourdough pizza from Franco Manca.

With his stripped-back voice and jammy beats, Isaac Waddington’s journey into the realm of noughties soul, bringing a revival to the new wave of UK alternative jazz music, is something for the ‘beats ‘n chill’ generation to get excited about. His hard-to-come-by ability to transport you to your favourite moment - whether that be sipping a coffee at your favourite spot, or chilling with your mates on a hot summer day - is a skill that only the most humble of artists can achieve, and one that Isaac manages so effortlessly.

Starting off his career in an unusual yet enlightening way, it was Waddington’s journey through the hit TV show Britain’s Got Talent that arguably moulded him into the artist he is today. After making it through to the finals, signing to the infamous Syco records shortly after, but breaking free from the constraints of the label to become an independent; it’s no surprise his music represents a simplistic rawness that can’t be matched by any lab-made chart-topper.

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Favourite cuisine? It's a toss up between Italian and French. Good choices Isaac, good choices.

Blues, Funk, Hip Hop and Garage, are all but a few genre’s present throughout his to-date releases. Fusing together the different genre’s within his work, he is successfully immortalising an Avant-Garde generation of indie/jazz musicians that are bringing the scene into notoriety. In good company, musicians such as Sophie Faith and Oscar Jermone are too part of the generation helping carve out a new sound by bringing these distinct fusions to prominence.

Through his journey from contestant to independent, it has been Isaac’s gutsy determination to stay true to the music that has been the making of his success. You just have to listen to his distinct sound in first album Borselli (2018), and all his stand-out singles since then, to know he’s definitely one to add to your playlists.

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