About Us


What is MOB Kitchen?

MOB Kitchen is an online cooking platform whose mission is to help students and young professionals prepare restaurant-quality meals on a budget.

Through videos, cook-alongs, and competitions MOB encourages a laid back and 'get stuck in' attitude in the kitchen. Music is key to everything we do - whether it’s the soundtracks on our videos, curated playlists, or artist features.

Our Journey

MOB started as an idea. At uni founder, Ben, noticed that none of his friends were cooking. Armed with nothing but a kitchen, a camera and some recipe ideas, he started creating overhead videos that people could actually cook - straying away from the food porn that was all over social media at the time. Ever since, the company has earned a loyal and ever-growing following - the MOB.

With two Amazon bestselling cookbooks in the bag we’re very excited to be working on two more: Earth MOB and Speedy MOB.

The MOB Truck

The success of the books demonstrated the MOB’s desire to interact with the brand not just online, but physically too. The new MOB Truck has taken this a step further - allowing the team to travel around the country visiting universities, festivals and much more…

Our Clients

To date we have worked with over 300 clients, producing relatable and engaging content that our audience will love. We’ve even been nominated for a finalist place on the 2020 Drum Online Media Awards thanks to our commitment, innovation and quality, and distinctive brand identity. Watch this space.

MOB's Future

MOB is always looking to the future and has huge plans to bring to life. Constantly on the lookout for collaborations - from music to illustrators - and no idea is too big or too small. We can’t wait for you to continue on our journey with us. And if you’re new to MOB - welcome!

The MOB Team (left to right Ben, Alice, Michael)