Sticky Sesame & Ginger Tofu with Pak Choi

Sticky Sesame & Ginger Tofu with Pak Choi

Finally, a good tofu dish. Trust us, cook this recipe and you’ll never look at the “boring, plain, flavourless” ingredient in the same way again. A perfect one for the vegans.


Two key factors in the tofu cooking process: the type of tofu and drying your tofu. Firstly, the type. You can buy soft or firm tofu but for this type of dish, the firm tofu is best. It takes on flavour when marinated, and doesn’t break down when you cook it. Next, drying your tofu. Covering it in salt, and then patting it down with kitchen paper draws out the water, making it firmer. Mob's general rule of thumb: the firmer the tofu the better.




  • 1 Red Chilli - £0.60

  • 4 Spring Onions - £0.49

  • 1 Pak Choi - £1.40

  • 1 Knob of Ginger - £0.41

  • 800 Grams of Tofu - £3.00

  • 1 Pot of Clear Honey - £0.99

  • Soy Sauce - £1.19

  • 500 Grams of Basmati Rice - £0.99

  • Sesame Seeds - £0.85

  • Total Cost - £9.92 - This covers absolutely everything. All we assume you have in your kitchen beforehand is SALT, PEPPER AND OLIVE OIL.


  1. Toast sesame seeds. Place into bowl.

  2. Dry tofu – salt and dab with a kitchen towel. Cut into strips. Put into bowl. Add honey, grated ginger, soy sauce and one chopped chilli.

  3. Marinate tofu for 10 minutes.

  4. Heat a griddle pan. Add the tofu strips (do it in two batches).

  5. At the same time, get your rice on (follow pack instructions).

  6. After 3 minutes, add pak choi stalks to a colander above the steaming rice water.

  7. After 6 minutes, add the leaves.

  8. To serve, put the rice in a serving dish, and add 4 chopped spring onions, 1 red chilli and a splash of soy sauce.

  9. Serve tofu and pak choi on top of it. Make sure you pour in all those sticky tofu juices!

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