Comfort MobBenjamin Lebus

Sausage, Kale & Tallegio Gnocchi Bake

Comfort MobBenjamin Lebus
Sausage, Kale & Tallegio Gnocchi Bake

Inspired by my favourite pizza from Franco Manca. The combo is a dream.


Make sure you let the sausage balls get nice and brown before adding the kale!

Cooking Time (Includes Preparation Time): 35 Minutes

Feeds: 4 People


  • Garlic - £0.30

  • Crushed Chillies - £0.85

  • 500g of Gnocchi - £0.75

  • 6 Big Sausages - £2.50

  • A Block of Tallegio - £2.25

  • 206g of Curly Kale - £1.00

  • 250g of Ricotta - £1.20

  • Total Cost - £8.85 - This covers absolutely everything. All we assume you have in your kitchen beforehand is SALT, PEPPER AND OLIVE OIL.


  1. Squeeze the sausage meat out of the sausages and form into little balls. Splash some olive oil into a frying pan, add the balls and fry until browning. Add a sliced garlic clove and a teaspoon of chilli flakes.

  2. After 20 seconds, add your kale. Add a small splash of water and cook for 5 minutes until the kale has wilted.

  3. Place your gnocchi in a bowl and cover with boiling water.

  4. Add your ricotta to the sauce and mix it in. Add 4 or 5 tablespoons of the starchy gnocchi water. Season with salt and pepper and mix everything together.

  5. Drain the gnocchi and add to a baking dish. Place the kale sausage mix on top of the gnocchi and mix together. Top the gnocchi with thin slices of tallegio and add some more chilli flakes.

  6. Place under the grill for 10-12 minutes or until golden and bubbling. Dole out and enjoy!