Set up by Benjamin Lebus, Mob Kitchen is an online publishing company producing one-minute “how-to,” food videos.

These are food videos with a difference though. No food porn. No molten, double deep fried cheese. No triple chocolate brownies drowned in peanut butter.


We believe anyone can make delicious, healthy, beautiful food on a budget. 

Every recipe in our first series of videos feeds 4 people for under £10.

How are we different?

We are UNIQUE in our approach to budget cooking.

FIRSTLY, unlike most budget cooking sites, Mob Kitchen makes NO ABSURD STORE CUPBOARD ASSUMPTIONS. We do not assume you have the odd dusting of cumin on this shelf, and the perfect number of bay leaves on that one. All we expect is that you have SALT, PEPPER, OLIVE OIL and a tenner. Nothing more.

SECONDLY, all of the ingredients in the our recipes are priced at the cost of the product in the supermarkets. If we use cumin in a dish, even if it is only a quarter of a teaspoon, it is priced at the cost of the whole jar.

We do this so that ANYONE with a tenner can cook our recipes. 



Music is a central element of the Mob Kitchen videos. We believe food and music are linked - cooking in the kitchen is always much more fun with some great tunes blaring out the speakers. So we are constantly searching for the freshest musical talent about to accompany the food videos. We have teamed up with bands such as Hidden Charms, Joy Room, Palace and many more. You can check them all out in the music tab above.

We have also devised a list of playlists on Spotify, covering a variety of genres, for all different moods and times of day. Chilled, happy, party, afro, jazzy, hip-hop, golden oldies - it's all there. So check out the playlists section of the music tab and give them a listen!